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Fate’s Attraction

Even a wolf shifter can’t defeat fate. Vladimir Corelia is the second son of the pack alpha. He’s happy with his role in the pack, but it seems the fates have other ideas. When the man he finds living in a cave, caring for a shifter baby and a litter of wolf pups, turns out to be his mate, it begins a chain of events that puts the whole pack in jeopardy. Frankie Bowers can’t remember anything except a powerful sense of danger. He only knows he can’t go home. With no way to defend himself, he has to rely … Continued

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Prey for Love

The last three guys Phillip dated are dead. Is he next? When successful businessman Phillip Barone attends a lover’s funeral and discovers he was just the latest of Phillip’s partners to die, Phillip knows he’s in trouble. He also knows just the man he needs. Former Marine Barry Malone would love a second chance with Phillip—he just wishes the romance could be rekindled under better circumstances. But Phillip’s stalker is escalating, and if Barry cannot solve the mystery of who wants Phillip dead and why, he might lose him for good. Barry’s determined, but the investigation struggles against the wit of a crafty killer—one who is … Continued

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Have a Happy Holiday

I want to take this chance to wish each and every one of you a very happy holiday season. Regardless of what you celebrate, I hope the season brings you everything you hope for.

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Andrew Grey’s Taming the Beast – Coming Oct 13

Beauty – Beau is beautiful on the inside.  He doesn’t consider himself handsome and has some scars from childhood.   But he has a heart of gold.  Beau manages a substance abuse clinic and not only works with addicts, but their children and families in order to help all of them build better lives.  He’s truly an amazing man. Beast – Dante is wealthy, tall, dark, handsome and he has a past that haunts him.  That past is the subject of rumor and legend around St. Giles and as a result Dante had isolated himself.  Guilt and recrimination have driven … Continued

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Guest – Tami Veldura – Learning to Want Blog Tour

Thanks to Tami Veldura for stopping by today on her Learning to Want Blog Tour! Today she’s given us an exclusive excerpt of her latest release from NineStar Press. Read below for the first chapter of Learning to Want. Don’t forget to enter the giveaway at the bottom, too!   Khoram crossed his arms as a line of pale, small Ohiri were guided, floating, from one ship to another. They were shackled, but only barely, and seemed to bob along cheerfully despite their slavery. Smiles and bright-blue eyes were set into their cherub faces, their small, pointed ears aquiver. They … Continued

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