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Notes From Home

While deployed on a covert mercenary assignment, Johnny doesn’t have much in the way of holiday cheer. But the mysterious notes from Dex that somehow appear in his bunk—reminding him of the gifts, cookies, celebrations, and most of all, love, waiting for him back in Wisconsin—help him get through the long, hot days. Will they be enough to keep his spirits up when the rest of his unit goes home to their families and he’s left alone? A story from the Dreamspinner Press 2019 Advent Calendar “Homemade for the Holidays.”

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Hell and Back

Seventeen years ago, Forge Reynolds fell in love… and had his heart broken. When Staff Sergeant Gage Livingston was brought into Forge’s Army field hospital, temporarily paralyzed, Forge sat with him, read his letters, answered his mail, and formed a connection he thought would last. But Gage was sent home, Forge transferred to a new post, and his letters to Gage went unanswered. Now in the middle of a bitter divorce, Forge is sick and tired of his husband’s manipulation. He’s almost ready to make any sacrifice to get closure—then he finds Granger murdered execution-style in their home. Forge had no idea … Continued

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Have a Happy Holiday

I want to take this chance to wish each and every one of you a very happy holiday season. Regardless of what you celebrate, I hope the season brings you everything you hope for.

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Andrew Grey’s Taming the Beast – Coming Oct 13

Beauty – Beau is beautiful on the inside.  He doesn’t consider himself handsome and has some scars from childhood.   But he has a heart of gold.  Beau manages a substance abuse clinic and not only works with addicts, but their children and families in order to help all of them build better lives.  He’s truly an amazing man. Beast – Dante is wealthy, tall, dark, handsome and he has a past that haunts him.  That past is the subject of rumor and legend around St. Giles and as a result Dante had isolated himself.  Guilt and recrimination have driven … Continued

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Guest – Tami Veldura – Learning to Want Blog Tour

Thanks to Tami Veldura for stopping by today on her Learning to Want Blog Tour! Today she’s given us an exclusive excerpt of her latest release from NineStar Press. Read below for the first chapter of Learning to Want. Don’t forget to enter the giveaway at the bottom, too!   Khoram crossed his arms as a line of pale, small Ohiri were guided, floating, from one ship to another. They were shackled, but only barely, and seemed to bob along cheerfully despite their slavery. Smiles and bright-blue eyes were set into their cherub faces, their small, pointed ears aquiver. They … Continued

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