A Huge Thank You

DayAndKnightFSDay and knight has one amazingly well and I wanted to send a huge thank you out there to everyone who read and enjoyed the story.  I have gotten so many wonderful comments.

Denise said:  With lots of action, things blowing up, sexual tension that you needed a machete to cut through, and some deep grief to be worked through, these men have quite the road to their HEA, but I am so excited to see where Mr. Greyson is taking us on this ride.

Lifegirl sent:  These working partners, Knight and Day, just met, got to know one another while they were on their way to their mission. They didn’t understand their sexuality but they made it into a very hot sex…nice experiment with each other while they are on fire for each other. Love the story…love the drama!!

Madeleine said:  Dirk Greyson is a remarkable storyteller and a very talented writer. Both main characters have an interesting and complex personality, and having to adjust to each other in order to fulfill their mission lends them even more depth and charm.


There were so many positive comments, I can’t list them all.  But thank you all so very much!!!!



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